POF : « Chocolate only »

POF : « Chocolate only »

« Chocolate only »

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  1. I’ve noticed a trend on POF… Women that are around 30 years old that act like they’re 20 years old. If I hadn’t seen this girl’s age to be 29, I would have guess she was like 22 based on her heavily filtered picture and ridiculous hair. I guess she hasn’t grown up yet.

  2. Pretty harsh opening comment to her though.
    I’d react similarly if someone messaged me just to make fun of my appearance.

    And guys wonder why hardly any women on POF want to talk to them

  3. I’m sorry to say this, but there’s no difference between the rednecks that say « No BLaCK MeN, bUt I’M nOt RaCISt » and these women who fetishize their idea of what black people should be.

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