POF : Complaint

POF : Complaint

I have tried several times to sit up a account and I find my account that I just sit up was being deleted as soon as it was made and they refuse to tell me in the mail why it was deleted I think I should have the right to know what was it you did not like my username you did not like the fact I was looking for a vore partner I mean tell what is your reason I want to know

By. Methen

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  1. Your i.p address is blacklisted by pof along with the email address you use to create it.


    Pof customer service is non existent.

  2. Add me to the pile of random deleting and IP banning. Had an account (female) for 24 hours, had not talked to anyone or posted anything inappropriate.
    Had not so much as selected yes on meet me to anyone yet. Had gotten plenty of disgusting messages, two of which I blocked to prevent further harrassment, none of which I responded. Now I’m booted and know there will be no reasoning with ‘customer support’ on the whys that it happened. Could have been in error, could have been one of the guys scorned from me ignoring them.
    I did notice one guy I blocked is one that’s followed me between dating apps soliciting sex like a stalker. Maybe he reported me for something in retribution?

    Either way, there’s nothing worth fighting for getting back on. From what I saw it was the worst of what my local area has to offer, way too easy to send gross multiple messages/trolling, leans in favor of bots and scammers, and now that I’m hearing the whole blocking indiscriminately shutting down profiles isn’t very fair either. Now that I know what blocking does, I’d think twice about even doing it and just remember who not to open messages from. I feel bad for the people who get blocked and then eventually banned just for being unnattractive.
    And obviously the lack of looking at evidence behind complaints on either side by POF is awful too. Meanwhile, scammers and weirdos run wild there.

    I just went through a 30 page thread on pissedoffconsumer (?) Where people have had the same issue over the years with no resolution and plenty of theories on why POF is doing it (ie driving people to Match $$). Not to mention they apparently only have a staff of around 76 people to review things in the first place and no real number for customers to call.

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