POF : Current State of POF

POF : Current State of POF

The title says it all. What is the current state of the app/website ? Personally I’ve used POF on and off since 2014 , had multiple accounts, never paid. There was times where bots were rampant , other times it was a good app to meet girls in the hood ( Milwaukee ) . But now this has got to be the worst state the app has ever been in. Bots are still everywhere , you have to wait 24 hours on meetme, you can’t search by username , by distance or by any metic really if you aren’t a paid user. Why pay ? Just so you can get instant access to message bots and girls with only fans accounts . Let’s not mention the new live stream BS meant to literally be soft core porn for simps to donate their life savings to wanna be thots too busted for Instagram 😂😂💀 boys just use tinder and chispa or even bumble . You will get laid much more often and they are 100% free and you can find a wife if that’s ur thing I met good girls on Chispa ( Latin tinder) and they were normal .

By. Cryptographer_Bubbly

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  1. POF discovered that the way to monetize their userbase/audience is to turn it into a webcam/onlyfans marketing platform. I just want to know the ratio of real paying users versus paying subscribers/marketers who have either a webcam job, premium lewd snapchat or onlyfans account.

  2. It’s absolute garbage now. I’ve had an account for probably about 10 years now… which I used and liked quite a bit back then. I haven’t been on it since last year. So when I just logged in a while ago… to see the entire interface had changed I wasn’t too happy. It’s super clunky, messy, and hard to navigate. Whatever.

    Then I realized… I can’t even search anymore. Even when I leave all fields blank… zero people come up in a pretty large city. Hundreds and hundreds used to show up. Now zero.

    I found that bit by bit… the site was beginning to suck starting a few years ago. But this? Total garbage. I’ll just move on to something else.

  3. Yeah don’t upgrade. I got bored now I’m in a perpetual war with Gary the sweaty bot master, got to say the brolove’s strong but defo get more luck out of call girls

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