POF : Did something change or am I getting senile?

POF : Did something change or am I getting senile?

Yeah, I know… not mutually exclusive. I have been on hiatus and now POF shows me people from all over Texas not just around my city. Very frustrating. I don’t remember it being like that. I have been poking around to see if there is some setting I messed with. Anyone else have that problem?


By. notvci

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  1. There is a distance choice box for you when searching site members. I set it at 25 miles or else I get people in the next city. I use the browser version and not the smart-phone one.

  2. Well the near by feature shows you people who are near you even if they actually don’t live near you, may be just visiting. The whole distance thing when searching doesn’t really work because I have set it to 5 miles and I would set an age range but it would always show me 25-30 miles for some odd reason

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