POF : Disappearing person

POF : Disappearing person

Hey, I’m hoping someone can help.

I was speaking to this guy on POF last night and we were really hitting it off. He sent me one last message which I decided not to read until this morning.

I went back today and he’s completely disappeared – no message, no profile, not on my ‘who I viewed’ etc. He’s completely gone and I can’t even read the message!

Anyone know if I’ve been blocked or if he deleted or what? I thought our conversation was going pretty well and he was gorgeous!

Thanks in advance!

By. Xxdaretolivexx

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  1. Try going to this link to get to the username search page. I don’t think it lets you access that page if you’re already logged into the site on that browser, so if you are logged in when you go to the link, logout and then go to the link again.

    After that, enter the person’s username, search, and if it finds it, they still have a profile.

  2. If they hid their profile you would still be able to see their profile picture in the messages. If it doesn’t show you the guys profile photo or their username it most likely means they deleted it. Either they deleted it or POF deleted it.

    I have had that happen to me before. The way to tell if someone has hidden their profile though is by logging out of POF and doing a username search on the site. If their profile pops up in the username search then they just hid the profile. If it doesn’t come up at all it means it was deleted.

  3. Also even if they blocked you, you would still be able to read the message but when you try to respond to it, it would not let you respond at all.

    I know this because I was talking to a guy on POF once that I thought was great and then all off a sudden he got verbally abusive for no reason at all. He said something to me in a message (can’t remember) when I tried to respond that I was no longer interested it said I was blocked and that I should find someone else to contact.

    That is only like 1 of the 3 bad experiences I have had on POF since 09.

  4. This complete wash usually means the person deleted their profile. No matter what happened (blocking you or otherwise), still a missed connection. Sorry for your loss.

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