POF : Do any other men notice that there is an almost permanent population of women who never seem to leave the site?

POF : Do any other men notice that there is an almost permanent population of women who never seem to leave the site?

I remember faces very well and I see the same faces in the search results every time I log in, and they never talk, ever, even ones that I remember from 5 years back.

By. Serveradman

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  1. I recently returned to the site after a 4 month absence. I would say at least 60% of the women on there were still there when I left, including one I dated briefly.

  2. I think the majority of people on dating sites are there because they are not satisfied with any potential partners they meet in real life. When you read their profiles, it becomes obvious that they really do hope to find someone who has no problems, no downsides, no flaws.

    I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: Too many people on those sites are looking for a fantasy partner who has the time and money for play and yet has no work responsibilities. They must match political positions to a tee. They must have the same opinions on essentially every topic.

    Ask someone you correspond with what differences they will tolerate in a significant other and watch them draw a blank.

  3. My experience is it is loaded with the same depressed women who use the site as an ego boost and are addicted to the attention because they don’t get it in person.


  4. A lot of possibilities: they could be « players » or serial monogamists. Maybe they’ve had poor luck. Maybe they are a little over selective. A lot of possibilities.

    Once: i was seeing someone for a couple of years and, i didn’t bother deleting the account. As a male, you don’t really need to. Your account is going to be « buried » after only a few days of inactivity anyway.

    After the relationship ended and after i was ready to try again: i logged on, added some recent photos (to be fair) , changed my profile content appropriately , and , started again. When i got back in, i was kind of taken back at the « bots » phenomenon » and the site getting a little shittier ion general, but, that is another story.

    so, i’m off and on, but, i’m def a grey eminence in POF by now.

    Back to your observation. I know its a bit shallow, and, i’m sorry, but: are these people your speaking of taking new pictures? Reasonably: i would put five years as the tentative expiration date of profile pics; after that your pretty much showing younger pictures and…..well, it borders on misrepresenting at that point.


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