POF : Do ladies view your profiles?

POF : Do ladies view your profiles?

I dont get no one looking at my profile over than bots, im not freakishly ugly as on other sites i normally get people looking at my account, do they just look at it after you message them?

By. Mr_Crypto88

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  1. In the POF app, there’s an option that allows users to view profiles without being seen as viewing a profile. I think a lot of ladies use this.

    I’ve gotten messages from women even though it didn’t show that they viewed my profile.

  2. Just a FYI POF has a box that you can check off so that when you look at someone’s profile they won’t know you looked. So just because it looks like they are not looking at your profile doesn’t mean they did not look at it, just means they may have checked off that box

  3. I get lots of ladies looking at my profile. But none that I am interested in. I get lots of older 40+ ladies looking. I get lots of chubs viewing. Sometimes I get a cute petite girl that looks and I will send her a message and never get a response.

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