POF : Do men even understand bra sizing?

POF : Do men even understand bra sizing?

Do men even understand bra sizing?

By. Throw_Away_My_Sole

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  1. I was getting to know a guy who called a bra a “brawl” lol… I think most don’t know about the sizing. I normally get a is it a little or a lot? Lmao.

  2. How average men struggle on this site is a mystery, there’s got to be normal guys out there among all the deal and dick picture profiles, just how high are your standards ladies? 🙁

  3. I do. The number is how many inches the girl is round the chest just below the boobs. So it doesn’t tell you how big the boobs are. High numbers mean weigh issues. The letters are the cup size.

  4. So i’m guessing you get comments about your breasts quite a bit (since you have that reply all locked and loaded)? So that means you have big boobs?

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