POF : Do people use the matching system on POF?

POF : Do people use the matching system on POF?

It seems like very few women use the « meet me » swiping thing on POF compared to Cupid, Tinder, Bumble etc. I’m wondering what other members experiences of this are?

I tend to get a few messages a day but haven’t had a match in months. I gave up cold messaging women that I haven’t matched with a long time ago as the response rate was too low for the time it takes to come up with something other than Hey there. Does everyone just cold message people and ignore the matching system?

By. gypsumfantastic_

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  1. As a female I never ever ever use it. I just prefer if a guy wants to “match” me so badly that he sends an actual message and I prefer to do the same!

  2. I only ever got a perfect match once and she never responded. Very cute African American girl. Not my type but I did reach out several times.

  3. The matching system is irrelevant and to be honest, if you are getting a few messages a day you are doing extremely well.


    Unless they are all bots.

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