POF : Do you feel this way too?

POF : Do you feel this way too?

So I’m a guy on pof, okc, bumble, tinder, cmb and it seems that no matter what app I’m on it always ends up with me being the only one asking questions. She may ask one or two but it never really feels like a conversation, it feels more like Im interviewing her. She answers my questions but never seems to really reciprocate in trying to get to know me. Anyone else have this problem or is it just me?

By. buckethead289

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  1. I think the girls that use online dating are broken in the head and they need it way more badly than any dude. I literally let the convos drop vs asking questions at this point. Rather be single than deal with their bullshit question and answer nonsense

  2. I am a guy and yes this happens a lot. I have done online dating for years and my instincts indicate the lack of asking questions directly relates to a lack of interest on her behalf. The more questions and length of her responses can tell you how interested she is. I would go three emails deep and if there is no change in terms of interest, delete the message conversation and move on.

    Also, if you somehow get to the stage of talking on the phone and you ask her on a date and she says she is busy that date and time and does not propose an alternate date and time, move on as well.

    I read a lot of materials about interest level and the quality of relationships. Couples that both had high interest levels, on average have much better relationships. Think back on a time you dated someone and in the back of your mind you felt she really wasn’t into you and kinda going through the motions. How did that turn out?

  3. Dating is a selfless game. You’re big thing is you want her to ask questions about you because of the game you’re playing. Just talk to a woman. Let it flow.

  4. It happens all the time for me, I believe it’s because the mass of messages these women get. Some how you really have to stand out to get her attention with online dating.

    How to do that ? If you find out, let me know.

  5. This happens to me all the time I try to get to know women and I get ignored and they go on message a bunch other guys and I’m left with them never showing up online again. Kind of sick of women with their egos thinking that they’re better than us and they can have any man I want yet they won’t sell for nothing less and what they want that’s perfection.

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