POF : Do you find some people on these sites act like you are a mortal enemy from the first word?

POF : Do you find some people on these sites act like you are a mortal enemy from the first word?

Messaged someone the other day, got a reply that was abrupt and stuck up, I had the gut feeling that I had offended her by saying hello, one message was exchanged either way and she just said « ok, bye »


This was a 34 year old woman acting like a teenager, I hate being hung up on someone being a bitch, this one really got to me though, does it kill you to be a little civilized?



By. Serveradman

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  1. Yes, the women of online dating get so much attention that they can be picky and don’t have to try very hard. They like to say that the men messaging them are classless weirdos or creepy and all that, but even when you take all their pointers: be polite, tasteful, mention something to show you’ve actually read their profile, etc and most importantly, even if you’re playing in your own league (as in not a 40 yr old virgin type who lives in mom’s basement messaging someone who’s 28 and looks like a swimsuit model), they’ll still either not reply at all, or reply with something snooty like you experienced. But remember NAWALT. just a significant portion in online dating, and it’s skewed heavily in women’s favor.

  2. These women are tired of ugly unfuckable notChads messaging them. They get messages from boring not-rich ugly notChads every single minute of the day. It grows tiresome and annoying to have to tell all these unfuckables to leave you alone when you’re clearly only looking for that millionaire supermodel. Which you aren’t. So don’t « hello… » me or ask me about that concert I took a selfie at. I don’t give a shit about concerts, I was just there to try to sleep with a band member backstage. Stop being a notChad!

  3. I’ve had that too. I’ve have a few « arguments » with women about my « Hello » first message. I like to point out that women don’t even bother to make the first move the majority of the time.
    At the end of the day these people imo would be a nightmare to be married to.

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