POF : Do you recognize other POF users randomly during your day?

POF : Do you recognize other POF users randomly during your day?

I am amazed at how often I recognize other POF users while I’m getting gas, or grocery shopping. Granted I live in a city of 49k, but these ladies must have been on the site just as long as I have. It’s rare to have anyone new in their 30’s show up in my search results, the new women are all in their 20’s now or a bot. Maybe I’ll just date a bot instead…

By. BoneGolem2

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  1. I recognized mg neighbor who knew i met my gfnon it in 2015 she kept denying it even though my ads would talk suit to her on the app and then be nice in person

  2. Yes I do see people out there from POF because I live in a big city so its easy to see them. One guy and I were talking for a little bit but we never met up because in the end he wasn’t looking for anything serious he just wanted to hook up. When I turned him down and said no, I seen him in public a few weeks later. He saw me and acted like he never even saw me. He did the old look around like he was lost thing when I looked at him. I just rolled my eyes and laughed

  3. I ran into a guy at a CVS pharmacy a few weeks ago. I let him know after I left that I ran into him lol. I didn’t want to seem like I was following him or anything.

  4. Yes I see loads of women I’ve catfished. To be fair they’re nearly all so much fatter than the photos they put up so really they’re just as guilty of catfishing.

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