POF : Does anyone actually meet anyone decent on POF?

POF : Does anyone actually meet anyone decent on POF?

I was really wondering if anyone has met a decent human being on this dating site?
If it’s not men messaging me saying, « Hey Sexy », « Wanna Fuck? » its another thing. Everyone that messages me just screams loser because either they don’t have a job or all they want is sex.

They also lie about their body type, on my profile I put I love to hike, camp and do a lot of cardio (I set my body type as average and only accept request from average-athletic). Yet I have 400lb guys msging me with have their body type set to average yet I’m pretty sure they couldn’t hike 1 mile with me. I don’t want to be mean but I really would love to get to know someone that can and is actually willing to do 10mile hikes with me, without them dying in the process. I am actually in a health and fitness program to lose more weight for my potential mate yet a guy isn’t willing to do the same.

I wasted weeks chatting with a guy that told me he was all into hiking and loved to run ect, but come to find out he was lieing the whole time hadn’t run a day in his life. We met one day and when he realized I wasn’t going to fuck him he called me a prude and left.

Why is it so hard to find someone that enjoys the outdoors but can also enjoy video games? On top of that, once they find out im packing heat, they block me making me think they were planning on killing me first date….

PS this isn’t just about the men on there, I have seen a lot of the women doing the same thing too…

By. TheDankestCatEver

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  1. I met someone decent a few times on there. I’m still friends with one and I’m dating someone I met on POF since the beginning of August. There were a couple others I wanted to meet too, but I just didn’t want to juggle men lol. I’m still seeing the guy. He’s a good, decent, solid man. Has a job, good work ethic, not a heavy drinker, no addictions, wants to see me weekly, etc… So far so good.

  2. I have met some good ones. Not overly outdoorsy ones, but I’m not outdoorsy either. Of the guys I’ve met in real life, it’s about 50% good 50% bad, but of the guys I’ve talked to it’s more like 5% good 95% bad. Old pics and lies on profiles are fairly common, but if you’re willing to talk to a lot of frogs, you’ve got about a 50% chance of finding a kissable one (no guarantees of princes anywhere ever). Not too bad, in my opinion.

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