POF : Dont give up!!

POF : Dont give up!!

I have been on and off pof for about 3-4 years. This last time I reinstalled the app i was almost about to delete it when I struck gold. I met the most amazing woman, we started talking right away(we both swiped right) and to this day I still cannot believe the chemistry me and this woman have. I honestly believe I hit the POF lottery. I dont consider myself attractive but she saw something in me and I think I genuinely make her happy.
We met on Friday and have seen each other 3 times since then, and let me tell you I can’t wait to see her again. Don’t give up in your journey to find your match. Do not play games, be sincere and honest in your profile. Good luck and have a beautiful day everyone, this fish is out of the sea for now…

By. Juanaconda

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  1. I’m pretty much giving up it’s frustrating when a woman messaged me first then I reply back and they never talk to me again. I’ve had no luck in 8 months of finding anyone.

  2. 100% I was on POF for YEARS. As I was about to delete it I met my now husband. He was on POF for literally 2 days when he met me. 3 years later and we are happy and thriving together.

  3. That site is worthless last Time I was single for years ago I didn’t have that much trouble finding women and going on dates and actually meeting I find it down there for years later that I am single again I cannot find any woman chassis whole conversation let alone meet up and actually go on a date and Ashley have a conversation in person it’s really really bad he’s women seem to be a lot more pickier than they were for years ago to the point where their eagles have to be stroked her you have to have some particular thing about you for them to be in Be interested in you either 50 or 100 other man they are competing with this ridiculous

  4. Well you said it yourself, you hit the lottery, to be honest we need a lot more guys to give up and go elsewhere, the ladies have way too much choice.

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