POF : Finally have a good connection with a girl! Yay! Got banned! Boooh :(

POF : Finally have a good connection with a girl! Yay! Got banned! Boooh 🙁

I finally had a great connection with a cute girl. We were joking around, she asked me if I had whatsapp, gave her my number, she send a message to me (on POF) « oh I’ve caught a bug sorry I can’t text you today will text you tomorrow! » (she was literally Canadian, I get why people think they’re too polite. Apologizing for not being able to respond to a message right away? who does that :P) andd… I get banned for having forgotten to turn off my VPN like a dumbass.

(I use a VPN since the ISP of my (semi) student housing blocks a lot of ports, and can’t even use Steam without it).

I’m assuming the IP address of my VPN is permabanned by POF and they thought I was sockpuppeting.

So now from her side it looks like I threw a hissy fit because she didn’t instantly text me back, and deleted my entire account.

Reaaally great. I have the best luck.

EDIT: Clarified she only used POF to message me, she didn’t text me yet.

By. lordcaylus

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