POF : First message name etiquette

POF : First message name etiquette

So I’m getting ready to message a few people, but I’ve been super-paranoid about doing so. It seems like I always mess something up when I do.

Is it frowned upon to use someone’s real name in your first message (even if they post it on their dating profile)? Should I just go by their username until they explicitly say it’s okay, or use my real name first?

By. t3hmuffnman9000

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  1. That seems like a lot of effort. As long as you’re prepared for your hit rate to be low for responses, go ahead, but maybe sticking to one observation or something funny after hey there would save you a lot of time…

  2. There is no way to guarantee a response.

    A girl will see you’ve made an effort with a 5 min message as much as a 30 min- and you don’t want to be seen to be trying too hard! She’ll then check your picture and profile and make a decision to write back or not. Online dating is not personal, it’s a numbers game! Mail more women!

    Writing back to you shouldn’t be a chore, and if someone writes a long message they are probably after a long message back- which takes time. Ugh! Short and snappy! And go for first name if she’s disclosed it.

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