POF : Flirt = Hey There :)

POF : Flirt = Hey There 🙂

On the app there is an option to flirt with someone and when you tap the button it sends a Hey There 🙂 message to people. How do you feel about that? Do you respond to them? Do you not respond to them? Do you tap the flirt button yourself?

For myself I don’t respond to it. I think its lame and unoriginal. In the past I would respond to them but I would never get a message back. I mean what is the point of flirting with someone and then not responding to them? I have it in my profile that I don’t respond to it. I at least inform people what it does, because I have been told by people that they had no idea what it did.

By. OrangeBanana900

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  1. I think it’s a bit lame tbh but at least it gives women the option of opening communication, I’d always reply to a woman who makes the first move but that’s just me..

    But just FYI I’m pretty sure only female profiles can use the « flirt button » so men don’t have the option to ‘flirt back’ as such..

  2. For me it’s all about looks. Saying hi shouldn’t be seen as a lazy response, even if you did read the profile. Maybe I don’t wanna ask about The Office or your dog or the instagram filtered pics of your vacation. Imagine going up to someone IRL and launching into a complicated question? Lol

  3. My African American good friend let me use his profile to see things through his eyes and amount of hey there 🙂 and they were real people was astounding. It also didn’t help he put in bold letters that he doesn’t date inside his race and nobody even reads it.

    It was fascinating

  4. I’d say like well over 50% of the messages I’ve received have been through that button, but I’ve never used it once.

    I don’t even use it any more, I’m done with that shit.

  5. I only use it when I am in a rush somewhere and I like the person but don’t have time to write a whole message. I just want to make sure I have record of their profile so I can go back and send a real message

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