POF : Frustrating POF experience lately

POF : Frustrating POF experience lately

Over the last three days or so, I’ve been falsely reported and temporarily banned from sending messages TWICE. What gives? AITA??

For context, I’m female and my account is three or four years old, used on and off with no prior issues.

First ban, the extent of the conversation was:

Him: Cute

(I checked out his profile and decided not to reply because it was low effort and he lived two hours away)

Him: Because I’m black? Is problem

I get temporarily banned. WTH??

Second ban, involved a bit more back and forth:

Him: Hello how are you doing today

Me: Thanks for the message…(Canadian city a two days drive from where I live) is a bit outside my dating area. Good luck!

Him: Hahaha I’m not in (Canadian city a two days drive from me) dear I’m at (Canadian city I live in but an area I’m not familiar with) I only did my production project there in (Canadian city a two days drive from me)

Me: (Canadian city I live in but an area I’m not familiar with)? Not really a term I’ve heard before. Where abouts?

Him: I don’t understand where are you from please

Me: (city I live in)

Him: Good

Him: What do you seek here?

Me: Where are you from?

Him: I’m from (southeast European country) I told you before, I stayed in (west coast USA state) for two years before moving here for a job

Me: We’ve never talked before. How would I know anything about you?? I think you’re catfishing

Him: I think you are very stupid to say that, are you stupid?

Him: Bad peoples, This why I hate to be here

I get temporarily banned again! WTF?? AITA??

By. Take_Me_As_I_Am

What do you think?

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  1. no. sadly some people report folks for being rejected. some people are just plain crazy and would of reported you just because of your face lol. whenever a guy asks me what « i seek » on pof thats an instant red flag. either homeboy cant read how i spoke about 3-4 times in my profile what i seek, or they are a scammer. 90% of the time: scammer.

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