POF : Fuck pof

POF : Fuck pof

POF is full bitches full of themselves. Fucking waste of time for any average looking guy!

By. CobraCommander85

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  1. Most average looking guys also have average profiles that don’t show any personality or uniqueness. Be daring with your profile. What you got to lose?

    Also aim for solid 4s or lower.

  2. im 37, female and black. I get ghosted a lot or not even responded to by some of you « average guys » lol. its funny cause i dont really care if your fat, balding or short (just be taller than me), and im not to worried about your education and your job (cause these things can be fixed), and yet i do get rejected. your loss, lmao you should say that when women treat you the same way, they arent worth your anger if they wouldnt give you the time of day to at least respond.

    you should get angry at more important things like when the fast food restaurant gets your order wrong, when someone didnt double flush after doing the number #2, or when people knock on your door to sell you stuff when you clearly have a big ass sign written in bright bold red letters, « No Solicitors! »

  3. Look I’m done trying to impress these women a year later and still alone with no friends and just getting profile views. I’m done with all this crap.

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