POF : getting deleted

POF : getting deleted

A couple of years ago my POF account was deleted.. not sure why but I was messaging someone who thought I was a fake and I think he reported me but I’m not sure. There was nothing professional about my pictures, they were mirror and selfie pics (best recent ones I could do), fully clothed just trying to show myself in everyday life. My profile was about average- listing likes, what I do, looking for I don’t think there was anything rude or sexual but who knows.

Recently I tried joining up again (new IP, new location, computer, new pics) and now again within a couple of weeks my account was deleted. Since they don’t say why you are left guessing. I looked over the reasons you can get deleted and one of them is if you get too many blocks but I’m not sure if anyone did. Which is kinda stupid… if that’s a reason to delete someone then they should just have a way for people to make a « not interested » list instead of blocking.

Is it just me or is POF just quick to delete someone? Someone could report someone to get them booted off so they don’t meet other people and only talk to them What’s being rude? guys get mad if you don’t reply back (which is part of dating- one person can’t be going on a date with 50 people every weekend).

I didn’t upgrade my account and not sure if that has anything to do with it.. and not sure I ever would because wouldn’t want to pay for something to only get my account deleted.

By. gielmar

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