POF : Getting Rid of Ugly People

POF : Getting Rid of Ugly People

I am using a desktop web browser, not the app. And I often check out the Viewed Me section. There have been some people who are so damn ugly, that it really pisses me off whenever I see their photos on my Viewed Me section. Many months ago, probably more like a year ago, I created a user script that lets me fade their pictures with opacity so I can barely make out what they look like. Oh man, is it ever so much better. I also made a ton of other tweaks to the website. I got rid of all the Meet Me crap, tabs that I don’t use, words and descriptions that took up too much space, ads, moved some stuff around, you name it. If anyone here uses the web browser and wants to give my user script a try, tough luck. I don’t feel like sharing. I mean even if someone is willing to buy me Steam games or donate a dollar to my PayPal, after that they can just share the user script with everyone else. So that’s why I don’t like sharing user scripts that I create. I just felt like being annoying. So please go ahead and downvote me. Cheers.

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