POF : Guys, how do you feel about transgender women (m-to-f) on POF?

POF : Guys, how do you feel about transgender women (m-to-f) on POF?

I’ve only run across a couple. I’m older (50ish) so it was kind of a shock at first. One actually looked really attractive. The others not so much. Not really my cup of tea though.

How do you guys feel about this?

By. TitleJones

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What do you think?

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  1. As a woman, I occasionally see profiles of M to F ladies who are looking to meet women. I am not at all attracted to women, I really truly have no issue with trans people at all, but I wish that these that I see would change their gender to F. If you identify as female and look female then only people interested in women will want to date you. I spoke to one lady about this, after she messaged me. She told me not enough women are looking to meet women on dating sites so she signed up as a man. Lesbian problems I guess? I explained to her that as my profile said, im only interested in men. She said to me « I’m the best of both worlds ». No, you’re not. You want to identify as a woman and I respect that, respect me by not ignoring MY sexual preferences.

  2. I feel POF should add to the gender options. Instead of just « male » and « female ». They should just add « transgender male » and « transgender female ». That way, users can filter exactly what they are looking for and avoid surprises.

  3. I did enough experimenting when I was in the Scouts that I’m not interested in dating anyone with a wang. But if someone had gone the hole hog and they seemed nice and what have you then I’d be open to messaging.

    But if you just mean what do I think of it in general then I couldn’t give a hoot what someone was or what they’ll be or where they are in terms of transitioning.

    Edit: for clarity

  4. For me it’s okay if it’s post-op. Otherwise there’s no point if you’re not gay. I mean you can’t really fuck a chick with a dick if you’re not gay? No?

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