POF : Has any decent looking guy, non-Bradley Cooper level ever got a reply in the history of this site?

POF : Has any decent looking guy, non-Bradley Cooper level ever got a reply in the history of this site?

It’s so frustrating. Messaged a bunch of girls I know I could pull  »offline » yet the best I’ve got so far is they viewed my profile. And then you feel crap the rest of the day. Been on Tinder and POF for about a month now, but already had enough.

By. icyclassroom7

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  1. POF isn’t the best. I met one gal on it and dated her for about 3 months around this time last year. And absolutely nothing since then. I moved on to i alternate between OKC, Match, and Bumble now. Good luck!

  2. Yep. I’m nowhere near Bradley Cooper level and I have to send a lot of messages to get any kind of return. However, I won’t just mail every single woman and definitely not with a copy and paste message or “Hey!”

    If they give their name, I’ll use that in my message, and I’ll mention something obscure from her profile, so she’ll know I’ve read it and not just looked at the pictures. Then I’ll ask her out to lunch straight up. All in the first message.

    I’ve had three dates from maybe 30 messages so far, which isn’t too bad, I reckon.

  3. Nah, they just enjoy the validation from being treated like celebrities. Most of them dont actually give a shit about finding anyone(despite their lip servoce to the contrary) because they believe they are entitled to male models, essentially.

  4. I got a date on it about four years ago. She wasn’t into me. Honestly hardly any replies since then except a handful of flake outs. I feel like it’s mostly bots and inactive accounts at this point.

  5. Yeah u can, but u won’t with that attitude, why be so defeatist, no responses change tactic freshen up the pics or just chill out and be patient, u will click the method eventually rome wasn’t built in a day

  6. The worst thing is when you’re not particularly in to a girl, looks wise, but you message them anyway just in case they have a personality that bumps their score up a few points, and you don’t even get a reply then 😐

  7. I’m pretty average looking. I’d say I’m a 5 at worst or a 6 at best. I consistently find dates on POF. I just haven’t found something substantial/long lasting just yet.

    It’s all about your approach, your profile, and numbers. Send out a message to everyone you’re interested in. 70% wont reply, 20% will reply and go nowhere, and 10% will lead to a first date at least.

    I send out a message to every single person I like, or swipe on. If what you’re doing now isn’t working then change your approach. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve adjusted to this site and the people within it.

    Still single and looking too.

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