POF : Has anybody else noticed how one sided the conversations are?

POF : Has anybody else noticed how one sided the conversations are?

So any time I actually get a response to a message and it turns into a longer “conversion” it’s just me asking questions with nothing in return. Are all girls on this platform just like this or what? I mean I try so send something with some substance(asking about something they wrote) and I receive a half baked answer. Lol it’s like I’m talking to an automated system or something…
sorry if I’m ranting, it’s just hard to understand why you would reply with no intentions of getting to know the other person…..

By. krombopulos-Frank

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  1. The trouble is that guys are way less picky on these sites, so women tend to get a tonne of messages and they hardy send any out. I’ve had so many conversations that go like this

    Me: so do you have any weekend plans

    Them: not really. You?

    Me: yeah doing blah blah blah de blah then going to blah blah. What sort of stuff do you like doing?

    Them: nothing really

    Me: ok well.. nice talking to you anyway

    Them: what do you mean, is something wrong?

    Me: you just don’t seem very interested in talking to me!

    Them: no, I am, sorry!

    I’ve had that conversation or a variation soo many times. I honestly think it goes to some people’s heads when that they get lots of attention and they don’t want to make an effort with average people like me.

  2. POF male is essentially a guy messaging everyone a bit older and a big uglier trying to get a cheap lay.

    POF woman is a woman addicted to the massive attention of a ton of guys that are younger and better than what she gets hit on in real life because of the above.

    Any woman who wants a real relationship quits after she figures out the site.

    Any guy that wants a real relationship ends up on a message board complaining.

  3. It’s gone really bad lately.. I normally would get at least one view a day but now it’s absolutely dead.
    And it’s not only on pof..
    And like OP said. If there is a conversation then it’s dry and boring.

  4. As a female, I have this problem with a lot of guys too. People answer questions and don’t want to put the effort into an actual conversation. I end things right away if I have to talk at you instead of talking with you, I’m worth more than what you are contributing. Keep at it OP, there are good people on these platforms that are worth it!

  5. It’s usually with the women that write dissertations for a profile and basically say “Read my profile”

    Zero social skills. I usually turn on DTF mode to get a reaction. Either a no, yes or block.

    It’s really a waste of time otherwise.

  6. Yep same. Pretty much I would get anywhere between 2 to 1 word responses. Like having a conversation is pulling teeth. I normally just say « yeah this does does not seem to be headed anywhere based on your 1 word responses, best of luck. » About half say something along the lines of they are interested or sorry they want to talk etc. Another 25% proceed to tell me off and the other 25% do not respond.

  7. I don’t believe it is only 10-15% because if it were that low the possibility of real conversation would be better negating my original post.

  8. We are not all like that. I try to ask some questions and I also tell them please ask me any questions. You have to realize that sometimes the girl isn’t always intentionally trying to ask all these questions, sometimes the guy just doesn’t ask anything at all about the girl.

    I have actually had conversations go both ways, one where I felt like I was asking all the questions and he was asking nothing, and another where I felt like he was asking all the questions and I had nothing to ask

  9. For sure there is a % of people on the site that just use POF for something to do and/or are addicted.
    For guys that largely becomes sxting and what not, for women that is just responding to every message but with no interest in engaging.

    It is not a bot, she is just running through a ton of messages responding as fast as possible for something to do.

    I would say that is 10-15% of the women are like this on there. Unfortunately, it seems like this is everyone for you because those are the only people responding to you.

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