POF : Has anyone noticed this?

POF : Has anyone noticed this?

Has anyone noticed that the majority of women on POF are either nurses or CNAs or somewhere in the medical field? At least in my area…

Having met a lot of women on here, there’s a real common theme that I’m sure I’m not excluded from, but it’s basically where these women are broken somehow or have some serious red flags where they can’t have serious long-term relationships? I find the trick is to find these out as early as possible and decide if I can deal with these red flags or not.

By. Wynterphantom

What do you think?


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  1. Nurse (RN, LPN, NP) Yes! In fact, it’s one of the things I’m looking for.

    CNA older than 40, eh. I’ve even seen some retired CNA’s at 35.

    My 24yo daughter is a CNA and she’s going to school for more.

  2. Long hours. Odd hours. Hard to meet people. It’s not a red flag about them. It’s not that they, as a profession, can’t have long-term relationships but can be hard to find guys who can learn to flexible with their schedule.

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