POF : Have you ever had a fake profile block you?

POF : Have you ever had a fake profile block you?

I was talking with a guy who claimed to be in the military overseas. His sentences were just not adding up at all. He asked me out I was and I said im ok. His response was ok we can chat off here. I just could sense he was not a real person or someone using someone elses photos. What was worse if one of the photos had a kid in it and that just really upset me because why would you use someone elses photos with a kid in them. They blocked me and I ended up reporting the profile

By. rsoxgal36

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  1. I assume you’re a girl as PlentyOfFish has a huuuuge bot problem. There is so many bots on the website that unless I see a fully fleshed out profile I just think it’s a bot and only message « hey » if I desire to message at all :\


    But to answer your question. Yeah normally with the bots they seem to block or their account gets deleted? Not sure after some time. I’ve talked to a lot of bots and they always disappear after a few hours.

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