POF : Having To Pay

POF : Having To Pay

I’m not about to pay to simply send a message. You get like 10 free messages a day, that’s bs. I’ll pay for the extra features like any other app (I’m not paying for any « dating » app, just figuratively) but I’m not going to give you my money to send a simple message. You got it fked up.

By. MinnesotaConnections

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  1. Isn’t the limit something like 50? Perhaps, it’s 25. But it’s not 10. Pace yourself.

    But your story is certainly a sad one. You should tell your therapist all about it.

  2. You don’t have to pay to send messages on POF. Do you only get 10 free ones a day? I never noticed, maybe I’ve never sent more than 10.

    Personally I think POF is the most user friendly dating app available and I have never had to pay anything. I have met tons of men and had several good relationships using the site.

  3. Dating sites should be much more strict verification wise.

    There should also be charges added to any *free* account where you either don’t log in at least once a week or never respond to ALL messages.

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