POF : Help please

POF : Help please

I met my girlfriend on this app, and recently she asked if I’ve been online and I said no. Apparently it tells her i was online recently when I haven’t touched the app for months . Has this occurred to anyone else ? Is this a bug ? Thanks!

By. blitsday66

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  1. Just deactivate that cancerous sh*t, bra. Problem solved.

    Also, what the hell was she doing online to begin with? You gotta be online to see if someone’s online. Takes one to know one. 😉

  2. NGL she is one on the app but is accusing you of being online *recently*.

    This is a pot calling the kettle black situation if I ever heard one.

  3. You can actually do a username search if you go to google and look up POF user search. That user search when you look someone up always shows a green dot next to their profile, even if they are not online.

    No offense though if you have a girlfriend why do you still have the profile? I know you said you haven’t been on it in months but when I am in a relationship all my dating profiles get deleted

  4. I once called support and they said its a bug. Shows people have been on recently even though they haven’t been online in months. She should not be questioning u as if its ur fault.

  5. You can [hide your profile]( so that it does not appear in search results, either basic or advanced. However, according to POF Help Center, some activity of yours will still be visible to following users, such as who has contacted you after you have hidden your profile, who messaged you, and who is on your favorite list, along with who uses the Username Search to search your username.

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