POF : Here’s a theory for you

POF : Here’s a theory for you

Please note that this is for most dating sites. Based on the observations I made, I am able to conclude that the longer they have been on the dating site, the less likely that they will respond. Here’s the thing however, most dating site do not show you how long the profile was active, so you may only be able to determine that by seeing them multiple times.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to comment.

By. mboliver205

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  1. It’s probably because the older users are jaded (or for a more positive spin) or are just versed well enough in online dating to know the type of guy/girl who’s sending the message. I’ve been on and off for about 7 years, and with the first message, I can already tell who’ll be a win, who’ll just fade off, and who’s gonna tell me I’m a cunt-whore for not responding.

    Well, that was that one guy who asked me where I wanted to travel to next, very innocuous and simple… sent a few messages back and forth, then BLAM, got this gem: ‘Yea. I wanna be on top of that pussy bad right now.’

    And I foolishly thought we were chatting about never seeing Montana, but hey…

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