POF : Here’s everything wrong with women on pof.

POF : Here’s everything wrong with women on pof.



I get blocked like everyone else, once blocked ten times you get automatically banned, this is pretty well known and blocking someone is easy as clicking a button, block anyone you want for any reason, it matters little, you just have to make a new account and try again, that’s the reality of this site, women don’t need to justify why they block people, I block people too.


With that out of the way, when I do get banned, which happens once a month or so, I try and reconnect with anyone I may have been talking to before, so this happened.


I can’t fathom the sheer arrogance and stupidity of believing talking to someone is harassment, I am obviously staying well away from this stupid and toxic piece of shit excuse for a human being, just remember people, don’t be fooled by a pretty face, majority of them are super bitter, whatever I said wasn’t bad or she would remember it but whatever, I hope she finds whatever she’s looking for in the end, I have pity for the guy she ends up with though.

By. Serveradman

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  1. « I can’t fathom the sheer arrogance and stupidity of believing talking to someone is harassment » <—it is if you do it over and over and over again. if she says no or says stop talking to me, and then you do and do it, guess what, its not hugs and kisses, its harassment!

  2. I’ve been blocked way more than 10 times and still have my original and only account. Not sure what you are doing.


    Also your link is completely unreadable to me. Everything gets blurred when I try to zoom in.

  3. I’ve seen comments on this sub — by one gal in particular— who *routinely* blocks guys who message her. That’s her way of telling them she’s not interested.

    I think that approach is extremely rude (to put it politely).

    When women initiate a conversation with me — and I’m not attracted to them at all — my approach is to message them back, indicating

    1) I don’t think we’re a good match
    2) for whatever reason (too far away, I’m too tall for them and looking for someone closer to my own height)
    3) or no reason at all. Just leave it at “I don’t think we’re a good match”.

    Then I thank them for contacting me and wish them good luck on the site.

    That’s how I’d want to be treated. Unfortunately, that never happens. Either I get total silence (meaning no response), or I get blocked.

    Wtf ever happened to manners and civility?

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