POF : Honestly POF is trash.

POF : Honestly POF is trash.

Was looking to link with this handsome guy, all of the sudden i started getting random nudes without asking. He started sending paragraphs. For some reason my account was deleted or something. Now im stuck at an activation code for phone number. Can anyone help? Please dm me if we can somehow fix this or anything. ASAP im horny. lol

By. LexiiBby69

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  1. You got banned, its an i.p ban, change your i.p, sign up with a fresh email address.


    Its fucking shit for me too, I have to message loads of women to get any responses, in the course of doing that I get blocked by some, women love to be liberal with that block button, can’t blame them but in their infinite wisdom the site designers decided that someone getting blocked a lot means they should get banned.


    The site designers of pof are thick as fuck.

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