POF : How can someone Want to Meet, but has not viewed me?

POF : How can someone Want to Meet, but has not viewed me?

Does that mean they swiped right but didn’t bother to look at my profile? What’s the point?
Should I be suspicious?

By. recoveringatty42

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  1. That’s usually what that means. You don’t have to read the profile before you swipe right. There’s also a privacy setting where you can make it so people can’t see that you’ve viewed their profile – I have mine set that way – but usually it’s the swiping thing.

  2. POF actually has a setting you can check off, where people can view your profile without you knowing they looked at it.

    Personally my only pet peeve on POF is when guys add me as a favorite then never message me or try to communicate with me. I mean what is the point of adding me as a favorite if you have no intentions of ever talking to me

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