POF : How do I cancel my subscription? More detail below…

POF : How do I cancel my subscription? More detail below…

They deleted my profile, but are still taking m ok ney out of my account. I’ve emailed support but yet to hear anything. Anyone else have this happen?

By. Amethystesdee

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  1. Hey, please contact your bank ASAP and ask them to block transactions coming from POF (or whatever name they charge under). Let them know you’ve emailed the company and canceled and haven’t heard back, so you’d like to avoid being charged again. Banks can put a freeze on vendors.

    POF often takes forever to reply back, so this is the best option for the time being.

  2. Also if you have a gmail account and your credit or debit card is linked to it, there should be a section that is labeled subscriptions, you should be able to cancel it there..

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