POF : How do you deal with someone interesting that keeps deleting/making new profiles?

POF : How do you deal with someone interesting that keeps deleting/making new profiles?

Opening myself up to some ridicule here, but I don’t actually want anything to happen, just to see if someone has had the same experience.

So, it’s easy enough to get over it when you message someone and they don’t answer/go inactive/delete. They’re just not interested or tired of the site. I can dig that.

But what about in the case that they will have an account for a few days, not view or respond to any messages, or even view profile, and then disappear? Do you bother messaging them when they show up again?

Now before I make myself sound like I bombard people with awful messages and get myself blocked- I don’t. I have some nice conversations, I get ignored at times, and a number of dates out of it. (though mostly okcupid) All in all, a very average dating site experience.

I can tell this person isn’t a porn bot or a hooker. We haven’t interacted before, so it’s not as though they see me and instantly ignore it, like we’ve all done on dating sites. I’m no gargoyle in my profile pic, and I’m not messaging someone clearly head and shoulders out of my league. I don’t get blocked- they just delete their account whether or not I send a message, independent of me.

So at the end of the day, I know that no one owes me a response, a read message, or even a profile view. I can’t control anyone and I don’t want to. I can only control my own behavior. I am content with concentrating on people who do respond, but I think it’s out of sheer curiosity that I’m just wondering what’s up with them. Anyone else experienced this?

By. Sod_Off_Shotgun

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  1. From my perspective only… I can offer you that even if someone is decent looking, if some part of them resembles a family member, I don’t even bother. It has nothing to do with them, and my family aren’t trolls. But I do not want to be reminded of my sibling when on a date.

    Also as for them making and deleting their profile over and over, perhaps they think a date worked out or someone is interested and they get rid of it, only to be wrong and remake it?
    Honestly there could be a whole slew of answers for their reasoning. I know there are a few people who seem to think speaking to more than one person at a time on a dating app is “part of the problem” so perhaps they move from the app, deleting their account prematurely, and then need to remake it after person of interest was no longer.
    Happy fishing lol

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