POF : How old is everyone who thinks the site is full of bots?

POF : How old is everyone who thinks the site is full of bots?

I’m in my 40s so I can only find people from 26-55 or so I think. I don’t notice many bots and those I do notice disappear pretty quickly. I’m in the UK as well, that might make a difference. Are most of the bots 18 to early 20s?

By. Citko76

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  1. BTW i’m the product of a loving marriage of a couple with a 22 year age difference so, i feel like their range of age appropriateness is over cautious, but, as to the OP topic…

    What i usually see is: the profiles list the age within my range but the pics are lingerie pics of women who are obviously 18-25.

  2. The bots tend to come in waves. I’ll see maybe a couple dozen within 100 miles of my town sometimes, and at other times there will be hundreds. It takes a while for them all to get reported and removed.

    The ones I see are all in their 30s-40s.

  3. The male bots are creative. I’ve had four in two weeks that are

    First message: I love your height
    Second message: at least you don’t have big feet like me, I’m a 12.

    Its a very odd thing.

    They’re all aged 27 (probably hours)

  4. I live in small farm town in SW Minnesota. Population 4,500 people. Nearest city is 30-35 miles away. Population 175,000. When looking at ‘New User’s’ between the ages of **29-49 years old** within 50 miles of my town, I always come up with 2-4 pages of fake sex porn bots. It comes in waves. They will get deleted 1-2 days from now, only to be replaced with another 2-4 pages of fake sex porn bots.


    Screenshots as proof – Page 01 and Page 02. On Page 01, 9 out of the 10 profiles are fake sex porn bots. On Page 02, 9 out of the 10 profiles are fake sex porn bots.


    Page 01 – [](


    Page 02 – [](


    This problem has been ongoing for many months now. POF is now Plenty of Porn, Plenty of Bots, Plenty of Fakes, and Plenty of Spam. It’s a shame. If Markus put a stop to the bots and didn’t give females preferential treatment, this would be a great site. How does Markus give females preferential treatment? 1.) Women can get by with one word profiles, but guys have to type 2-3 sentences. 2.) Men are not allowed to email women outside of their age range. Totally unnecessary since we already have an option for profile restrictions that prevent people of a certain age, gender, location etc. from contacting us. I don’t think that it is right to prevent a 35 year old from talking to a 52 year old. Let us decide who we want to talk to, meet, and hang out with.




    That is just the ‘New User’s page. On the ‘Who Viewed You’, you will see bots who viewed you. You will get messages from bots saying « Hey, darling, how are you? » or something like that. And I created a User Script to hide the notifications of people who want to meet me, since they are all bots too. The site is a real pain. Nothing good about it anymore.

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