POF : How would you feel if you were in a committed relationship with someone you met on POF…

POF : How would you feel if you were in a committed relationship with someone you met on POF…

And then discovered they only hid their account instead of deleting it?

By. CreepellaGruesome

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  1. Depends if they were still actively using it. Its entirely possible she hid it by mistake, I just deleted my POF account and they make you jump through more hoops than Tinder, OkCupid or Bumble to do so. If she hasn’t been using it, then I’d say you have nothing to worry about. If she has, well, then that’s a different story…

  2. You should also have this conversation with him. Ask him if he deleted his page or hide it just to hear if he will
    Be honest. If he tells you he hide it let him give you the reasons why. I used to hide mine when I just started a relationship to give myself time to see how things go, and if he doesn’t go well at least I could login back and try again. However, I was not logged in and using it. The red flag is if he’s using it or not. This is a good topic to talk with him as well.

  3. I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year. We met on pof. We bpth still have accounts. I think his is hidden. Mine isn’t but I just use the forums

  4. As a guy if I actually met a girl through pof and she could tolerate my rambling and stick around long enough to make something out of it, then I would stop using pof. And I would expect the same in kind. Anything else is just cheating/playing games.

  5. It’s my opinion that POF would never result in a serious relationship. I can’t speak for the men, but most of the women on that site have a chip on their shoulders, before you even message them. POF is for someone who can’t find anybody. In other words, POF is for losers.

    I’ve had more success meeting new people on Facebook.

  6. I always had an account I’d show my gf look my neighbor apartment Ofem denies she’s on here yet i told her we met on there

    It’s not like we use it its a hidden profile no one can see so when you dump him he can go on oof and get one of those escorts that act real nice

  7. You shouldn’t feel anyway bad, what does it matter if she hid the profile? Nothing, if you two work out good unless he/she is still looking behind your back then dump that person, but if it’s working for you both then good luck.

    If it doesn’t work out well then they can unhide it and continue looking.

    Don’t assume too much on things.

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