POF : I am not an attractive man, and pof punishes me for it.

POF : I am not an attractive man, and pof punishes me for it.

If I make an account, I absolutely will have to message every single woman in the local area, and try to be creative about it or I will not find the 25 or so of women who’ll want to talk to me, despite all the smiling faces and warm profiles, claiming to be open minded and friendly, majority of these women will ignore me, and some will block me, blocks lead to being banned from the website, so I have to find someone among that 2% that isn’t a kink shaming man hating narcissistic sociopath and would actually meet me outside of this stinking shithole of a dating site.

That’s pof for an average man, I am self employed, I pay my own rent, I am building up funds for a car, I have things together yet I am untenable for what?, 95% of the women I contact?

Instead of asking what can you do to better yourselves, ask what’s wrong with women today, and by extension this stupid site.

By. Throwaway268080

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  1. Yeah this place is horrible. Upgraded one time pretty much only to see all my messages read, read:deleted, even unread:deleted, and sometimes just left unread. That and scammer city.

  2. I hear ya. Here’s my advice, try to write a funny and clean profile. Women will be far more forgiving if you can put a smile on their face or laugh when they read your profile. Don’t try listing all your good qualities, or create a list of demands for what you want in a woman. Negativity of any kind will make her stop reading and move to the next profile.
    As for photos, go out and have a good time with your friends, ask a friend to take photos of you throughout the evening when your smiling or laughing in a natural setting.
    I could go on and on, but that’s a start for you. Follow those basic rules and I promise they will come to you.
    Finally, once you start a conversation messaging, keep your answers short and try to mix in humor. Always be positive! Don’t be so hard on yourself, you are worthy of a partner, be patient. You will find that special someone, I promise.

  3. You are 100% the problem here, but it’s not your looks. I’m not an attractive man either, but I’m not getting banned from the website. I can promise you that your low self-esteem, entitlement, and incredibly shitty attitude towards women are bleeding through in your profile, if not in your messages.

    I’m gonna address a few different points here:

    > I absolutely will have to message every single woman in the local area

    Don’t do this. If I had to guess, I’d bet you’re messaging a ton of women way outside your range. If you’re a 4/10 and you’re 35, for example, don’t message 10/10 women who are 18. Not only are these women not going to answer, but you’re going to continue to find yourself being hurt and frustrated. Confine your messages to women you have things in common with and who are around the same level of physical attractiveness as you are. Better yet, don’t message women at all unless there’s mutual interest (it’s mutual Meet Me). For someone like you, I’d actually recommend switching to Bumble.

    > majority of these women will ignore me

    Obviously. You’re a self-admitted unattractive man with an incredibly shitty attitude. Your profile is probably a major turn off and I’d bet your messages aren’t much better. Work on yourself.

    > and some will block me, blocks lead to being banned

    No. No one’s wasting their time blocking you because you messaged them once. You’re doing something to piss these women off. If I had to guess based on this post, I’d bet you’re sending multiple follow up messages insulting them when you don’t get a response. And that’s the kind of thing it would take to get banned. POF is not just going to ban you for no reason. Take a hard look at your behavior.

    > That’s pof for an average man

    100% false. I’m below average. I still get messages, responses to my messages, and dates. I don’t get blocked or banned. You are the problem here. Not women. Not POF.

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