POF : I approve/reject images submitted to POF – AMA!

POF : I approve/reject images submitted to POF – AMA!

The horrors I’ve seen…

By. km_2_go

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  1. Do you employ a bot to filter out images with websites address in them? For a while there, a lot of fake accounts slipped through the cracks and blasted me with fake user promoting fwb websites.

  2. Does anyone at your company know what a captcha is? It would get rid of the fake account problem in 1 easy step. It should literally be the only goal on your company’s agenda right now. Its ruinng the site for men and they are the ones who are going to pay for your premium services.

    It has been alleged in this sub that pof intentionally allows, endorses, or possibly even creates the fake womens accounts to send out mass notifications to the male userbase to boast a high participation rate. Is this true?

    Does pof acknowledge the bot problem?

  3. If you are for real, please, please, please reject the bathroom selfie photos that men post. Or at least send an auto reply that says something like « do you really want to post that photo? Studies show that men without bathroom selfie photos get an X percent better response rate » For the love of God make it stop!!!

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