POF : I deleted my pof and okcupid

POF : I deleted my pof and okcupid

I have never felt better I check them regularly and it just makes me depressed makes me feel insecure cause women rarely reply and often seems like I’m just lead on for attention ! I deleted okcupid and pof I hate the layouts I still have tinder I’ve actually had better luck on it since I only message people when we both like each other vs blindly trying to dm girls in the hopes. Someone will like me !! Just over the site !! I’m done

By. Nezzyknowzzz666

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  1. POF and OKC are not what they used to be. I have been on and off POF since 2009 and on and of OKC since 2011 and both sites were way better from 09-16. I literally never get messages and when I do get messages from guys its one’s who assume I wanna hook up and don’t even bother reading my profile. POF got so bad that I actually had to put in my headline READ MY PROFILE!

  2. I hear you. I need to take periodic breaks from POF because it messes with my self esteem and life priorities. As much as I try to keep everything in perspective with online dating it’s hard to not have it take an emotional toll anytime you put a lot of effort in. When I get back into it I think I’ll focus on other dating sites/apps. Good on you for getting out if it was making you unhappy.

  3. I deleted the apps but am still technically on the sites. It’s always the same women who don’t respond or block or who want that perfect guy.

    Enough, waste of time. Coffee meets is slightly better but still sucks. Also am trying a speed dating event this Saturday, that might be better.

  4. Yeah plus it’s just how people scam they get you on kik than want to ask for money or send links to sites !! Anyone uses kik instead of Snapchat aren’t worth dating

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