POF : I deleted pof and feel much happier

POF : I deleted pof and feel much happier

I agree about the ones who want to message forever. I don’t think I’ve ever ended up meeting one of those types.

By. Citko76

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  1. I am about to delete pof same thing happens ghosted every time not one woman can hold a conversation and ghosted all the time.

  2. Pretty much all dating sites are a waste of time, I have hooked up off of POF but it never leads anywhere, almost every woman is messaging and dating probably 10 guys at once, it is like being on that fucking show, « The Bachelor. » The most insane ones are the, » we need to message and get to know each other before meeting », seriously avoid those time and life wasters at all cost you could message them for months and never meet, just some bullshit game, for some of the women it is an ego feed.

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