POF : I Did It, I Figured It All Out….

POF : I Did It, I Figured It All Out….

After my third attempt on POF,I finally think I nailed it,I simply filter out the text seeking pen pals, the deprived married women simply seeking attention with no intention on meeting, or just simple spamming fucks
My approach is simple, straight up and no small talk, I’ve been on for 6 months and I’ve hooked up every weekend, tommorow I’m going out with a keeper, rich, sexy and independent MILF. No more « Hi, your pictures are wonderful » or « How’s your day »? If I get one of those chicks that want to ask 20 questions as she seeks out her « Jovial, God Fearing Champion » that believes chivary lives on and he can wear a suit and tie and then jeans and cowboy boots and is happy as a pig in shit well I block her ass on question #2. Now, I’m out of the gates, I tell her I want, sex, deep erotic intimacy, and it fucking works.
I ask a woman out after my 2nd to 3rd interaction, if they start circling around meeting, I’m out, it’s my filter. I hate the small talk, politely I get to what I really want, if it’s mutual, keep going. Last weekend I got laid and we only had one drink, we both wanted that, and it was cool. Tomorrow I’m meeting this wonderful, beautiful 50 year old woman and will probably see her on going. I’m not bragging, Im just telling ya how I do it, and it took me a long time to figure it out too.

By. lcc101

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