POF : I dont game….but wait! I do!!!!!!

POF : I dont game….but wait! I do!!!!!!

I dont game….but wait! I do!!!!!!

By. jadedea

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  1. Every girl says they’re a gamer, and when I ask, they give weird answers about what games they play that don’t make any sense (one girl I talked to today said something about playing Smash Bros on a gameboy color). It’s interesting that gaming is now becoming a desirable trait, after we were derided as being childish for so long haha

  2. I game hard. I spent all night playing league of legends. I’m nearly 30, and unemployed but taking care of my grandparents who are in their mid 80’s in the country because one can not drive and the other is having heart issues. I’m also a Marine vet. They were swingers and open minded though, so don’t mind them. One day… some woman will think that makes me special. I’m so fucking alone. haha

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