POF : I don’t see a FAQ. I registered, but can’t log in.

POF : I don’t see a FAQ. I registered, but can’t log in.

I went through the process of registering and received « Your registration was successful. » The next time I tried logging in, it didn’t take my password. I tried resetting it, and never got a reset link. Any ideas? Tech support seems to be deliberately impossible to reach.

By. frito123

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  1. Have you had an account before? It seems like your IP may be blocked. It might be better to create a new account using “in private mode”, and using an email address you haven’t used before.

    Good luck! Let us know if this works or not.

  2. I don’t think you’re being IP blocked, I think it’s a platform issue. I signed up an account over the weekend and it worked for a few minutes and then was deleted. It happened again when I recreated the account. No messages sent, last time I deactivated I hadn’t sent any messages in over a month and no account action. Sites bugged.

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