POF : I given up on PoF

POF : I given up on PoF

I’ve had decent success in starting and maintaining conversations up to the point of setting up meetings on other sites. But on PoF I might get one response per week and even then the conversations 100% drop off after just a few messages. I have NEVER met a woman from PoF. I’m convinced the site blocks one or both people from responding past a certain amount of messages unless you’re paying for the service.

Add to that, the site is full of scallawags. It looks as though the trailer park exploded and all the meth heads landed on PoF.

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  1. I had good luck on POF, personally. I would cast a « wide net » on contacting women. It was time consuming, as I’d try to be personalized with women who seemed most interesting to me. Others, I’d usually send a more canned message. I was averaging a date a week (from just POF) for a while, and some repeat dates.

    And, yes, there are some trashy women on there. The site is free, so people who can only afford free end up there. But, there are some pretty cool (educated and successful) women in there as well. That’s another reason I think casting the wide net worked for me. Law of averages. Although, I got dates from other sites (Match, eHarmony, Tinder) I got most dates from POF.

    Now, I’m dating someone I met on the site and it’s going pretty well. Remember, no matter the way.. dating is a lot of work!!

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POF : Are messages like these fake profiles? I seem to be getting tons of them where their first messages back are telling me to text or call them… 🤔

Tinder : No thanks, champ 😉