POF : I got an upgrade for POF and I’m relieved

POF : I got an upgrade for POF and I’m relieved

I found out some of the girls who didn’t answer haven’t been on POF for a while… I’m talking a year to months. Only a couple deleted my comment, but they don’t matter. It helps avoid women who might not be interested since they have girls who said yes on « MeetMe »… I actually like it. Don’t use POF or tinder if you’re not upgraded.

By. moneysamire

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  1. To be honest paying for POF is pointless. The only thing a paid membership gets you is notifications that someone has read your message or deleted it. It puts a gold star on the profile and you stand out from more people. You can also set up your messages so you can only get messages from upgraded users. I paid for a week once when they let you do a week and that was in recent and it wasn’t any different

  2. I paid for a couple of months.

    Seeing if messages got read was useful but depressing. I was shocked at how many women would simply delete my messages unread.

    Knowing who liked you on Meet Me was useless. If it wasn’t a bot, most of the real women who « wants to meet you! » hadn’t even checked my profile and had just lazily hit yes. And if I sent a message they’d not reply – clearly they didn’t want to Meet Me.

    Promisee of increased exposure and more messages were clearly bs. I couldn’t see any difference to free in that regard.

    In conclusion I’d say don’t believe the ads. Paying adds no value to the dating experience. The people you contact don’t care if you pay or not so it’s pointless.

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