POF : I Guess I Lost The Lottery ?

POF : I Guess I Lost The Lottery ?

I Guess I Lost The Lottery ?

By. lionandtigerandbear

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  1. Damn, you missed out on a thousandaire pothead with bad grammar….I’m sorry for your loss. With luck, and time, you’ll find the strength to move on…..

  2. My About Me is quite detailed on what I’m looking for on POF. My first mini paragraph mentions I do not want anyone to message me a second time if I didn’t respond to the first one. Many girls have experienced guys that get very disrespectful when they are being rejected, so I said on my profile I would prefer to be passive aggressive on the situation and not respond at all if I’m not interested. I do, however, get quite annoyed when guys don’t take the hint.

  3. I think you hurt a soy boy’s feelings, maybe you should block him so you don’t accidentally hurt his feelings again? It sounds like the humane thing to do.

  4. So when he **finally** understood that his looks/profile couldn’t grab your attention he tried the old « I won the lottery » tactic. Money outta get me the girl! Smh…Lisa with L up is sooo fitting.

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