POF : I hit the jackpot last night!

POF : I hit the jackpot last night!

Male here. 50-ish. Chatting up a cute af 40-ish gal. Blonde. 5’5, slender, almond eyes, former cheerleader type. My lucky day, right?

Turns out:
She’s separated. Left her husband 6 years ago after she found out he was sexually abusing their kids.

Hubby also sexually abused a 13 year old girl and a boy. Was recently sentenced to 10 years prison. (Confirmed).

Hubby was previously shacking up with 25 year old. Hid money from this girl. No payments for her or kids.

Enter the lawyers. This woman says she lost $115,000 to one attorney, then another 25,000 to *another* attorney trying to settle this mess.

Her bf also stole money from her.

Sold her tractor and car to help her and four kids survive financially.

Physically attractive but can’t work. Has POTS and 3rd stage kidney disease.

About to lose house. Can’t turn to ex’s parents for help (remember, the kids are*their* grandchildren), because, she says, they believe their son (currently in prison) is innocent.

And the topper. She can’t turn to her parents, because….. she’s adopted. Her adoptive mother disowned her at 20. Adoptive father was already dead. By the time she found out who her real mom was, she had passed. She still has no idea who her real father is.

Wondering what my next move should be.

By. TitleJones

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  1. Keep it as casual as humanly possible, sounds like a incredibly unstable situation.

    Don’t commit unless your absolutely sure that you can handle all that drama and baggage.

  2. Wow. That’s like winning the baggage lottery. She has no business dragging someone new into that maelstrom but more importantly, you have no business engaging it. I believe King Arthur said it best: « Run awayyyy! Run awayyyy! »

  3. If I was in her situation I won’t be looking for a partner. I’d rather spent all my time to get my life together and make sure that my kids can have a better life than me. Sometimes you just have to give it all up for the greater good.

  4. A quote I heard in a YouTube video about some guy explaining why POF doesn’t/won’t work for men:

    « Always remember, everyone on POF is on there for a reason ». I’ve found that to be true. Sometimes the reason is more obvious than others, but everyone is on POF (as opposed to dating solely in the real world) for a reason.

  5. If you’re buying a Maserati for Toyota prices, you gotta wonder what the heck is up.
    If ya meet a broad in meatspace you might just charm your way in, but with online dating where you’re so objectified by strictly online pictures there’s depreciation.

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