POF : I keep getting deleted from pof

POF : I keep getting deleted from pof

Hey I have signed up a multiple times with multiple emails and I keep getting banned from pof, is there a way around this?

By. Caminsky

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  1. The same thing happens to me. But I know the reason. I dated someone on there and after two months she « cashed » out, maxing out multiple credit cards of mine. While I slept, from my computer. Cops wouldn’t do anything because it was done « by me from my computer ». Credit cards wouldn’t reimburse me without a police report. She disappeared. Saw her on POF a few days later.. I put up a fake profile with her picture with a red circle and slash through it to warn guys of what happened and the person she is. Pof doesn’t like that apparently. I can’t even find any kind of customer service email or number to plead my case. I never received any notice from Admins either. It just gets wiped. The ban is attached to IP and email addresses I suspect.

  2. Working within their guidelines is a big deal but they also reserve the right to ban at will and the f*ckers do. If you previously crossed another user and they are female, women can « report » your profile and you can be banned in minutes without knowing a reason why. As far as I know, they don’t ban IP addresses, just email addresses.

    Are you sharing an internet access point? I’ve heard of access bans blocking new user creations across pc’s.

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