POF : I mean let me jump right on this 🙄

POF : I mean let me jump right on this 🙄

I mean let me jump right on this 🙄

By. nickelpinball

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  1. I get why this is shitty , but, devils advocate time.

    User name says it all « seekingspecific ». His « deal breaker » is: he is looking for a partner that shares an interest , and, its an interest most of the population at large does not share. He could beat around the bush and burn the first 3 messages with exchanges of pleasantries, and, the next dozen or so divulging movie/book/film preference, and, hey; he comes off as a nice guy, he gets a date, and, a repeat date and another….

    Then this lady he has been dating a few weeks want to share « intimacy » and, then he has to drop a bomb that TRUE « intimacy » to him is having another dude rail him while she watches. This is his sexual identity. Its not to us to judge. Love takes many forms.

    Most likely she will be repulsed by the proposition and be heartbroken. Now we have two people who burnt a month of their lives and got no closer to finding the life partners they actually wanted

    OR, we can cut to the chase right away and she can just answer « no » or « yes » and, he knows where he is in less than a minute.

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POF : Made a return to POF. My profile brings all the spam bots to the yard….. 😒

POF : If I didn’t have a sense of humour there’s no way I could keep online dating. 😳