POF : I never get messages, is that a good indicator that I’m unattractive?

POF : I never get messages, is that a good indicator that I’m unattractive?

As the title says. I’ve never received a response in the 5 years I’ve had a profile.

By. Timelymanner

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  1. Girls seem to pay a lot of attention to the words you write and guys just look at the pics, so I don’t think you should just assume you’re uggo.

    I’m really plain/average looking but I get maybe 5-10 messages a day from people? I wasn’t trying to be clever or anything, I didn’t know what to write on my profile, so I just put this stupid thing as my headline- « anyone fancy a weekend away? », and I think because it asks a question it gives people something to say in a reply. So probably half the messages I get are things like « ooh yes please! » or « can we go to Hawaii? » etc. and then you’ve broken the ice and can have a nice chat.

    It seems to work much better that way around too. I hardly ever write to anyone first, and the few times I have it’s not led to anything. But when they write first they’re more invested in it kinda thing?

    Edit: Here is my profile btw

    like I say I’m not hot or anything, but I do get messages so the words must be ok?

  2. You male or female? If male do you send out a fucking TON of witty, well thought out first messages? If not you could very well be good to go in the looks department, you just have to take the initiative. When I started I would just send « hi » or generic stuff and never got a good response. I don’t look bad. I just learned about the ins and outs of online dating a bit later and started thinking of 5 witty things to send to 5 girls a day. Literally.

    Once I learned how to chat with girls it got so much easier. And you can only get better by sending messages and seeing if they like it or if they don’t. I got ghosted so many times. But like I said once I figured it out and fixed my profile I ended up sleeping with 5 different people and had 2 relationships between January 2014 and July 2014.

    If you feel comfortable with it and want critiquing on your profile or something, let me know. But to answer your question plainly, no it does not. Necessarily mean you are unattractive at all.

  3. Work out how to interestingly be yourself. Unless you want to attract someone who treats it like flirty fun. What you put out dictates what you’ll lure.

  4. Go and hire a Porsche or a BMW convertible for a day and get a couple of happy snaps of you sitting in the driver’s seat. Use the driving photo as your main image and every woman who looks at your profile will hit you up. I know that you are going to ask what do you say when it becomes obvious that you don’t actually own the car in the photo. You can just say you sold it and spent the money on bitcoins. Hopefully, by the time, they realize that you don’t actually drive a convertible they will love you for your unique sense of humour and your nice eyes. Go get them trophy girlfriends champ.

  5. Thank you guys. I’ll play around with my profile and see what happens.

    I’ll also change what I write. Maybe I’ll start to get responses.

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